Who are we?

The Canadian Grandparents Rights Association was founded in 1986 to help families in distress and incorporated as a B.C. Society and a Canada Corporation in 1992. The founder and our first president was Nancy Wooldridge.

The purpose of the assocation is to promote, support, and assist grandparents and other family The Child's Right to Love Handbookmembers in maintaining or re-establishing family ties and family stability, where the family has been disrupted, especially those ties between grandchildren and grandparents.


We are now distributing the CGRA BC Branch publication,  The Child’s Right to Love, a Handbook that describes what the law says about the child’s right to maintain a relationship with grandparents and family members. Relationships do not end because the child’s parents separate or divorce. The Handbook describes how to make legal arrangements to ensure that these rights are protected.

The Handbook covers: understanding laws that apply to children and families, family law in BC, where to get help, and Parental Alienation Syndrome.

To download a PDF of The Child’s Right to Love Handbook, please click: The Child’s Right to Love Handbook

See the latest issue of the CGRA CGRA -1 PDF