Viewpoint—Grandparents’ Quilt on Display

On Saturday, September 10th,at 1 pm, Canada’s Grandparents’ Quilt will be displayed at St. John’s Anglican Church, Higginson Road in Sardis, BC.

The quilt, designed and made in the 1990s by grandparents of all faiths, represents the heartaches and tears of thousands of our citizens who could no longer see or spend time with their grandchildren. Each square on the quilt shows a broken heart and signifies that grandparents could no longer see their grandchildren.

The grandparents’ quilt was displayed in the Hall of Honour of the House of Commons four times during the 1990s and in each Provincial Legislature across Canada. It was also displayed in many malls and other locations as we could arrange across our country.

I realize that I cannot step down as President of CGRA without remembering and giving a blessing to our founder and President, Nancy Wooldridge. It is also important to include the many National and Provincial Directors and our grandparents’ groups throughout Canada who met regularly and fought, as best they could when allowed, to speak in the Family Courts FOR their grandchildren. Many Canadian grandparents spent their life savings on lawyers trying to hold their families together.

Now, in 2022, those who are still with us can relax. They were successful. They achieved standing in the family courts as well as the recognition that grandparents are part of a family and that we care about our grandchildren’s health and happiness.

I invite you to come to the Blessing of our Grandparents’ Quilt, which says It all, on Saturday. September 10th, at 1 pm, St. John’s Anglican Church, Sardis.