Viewpoint—Media Coverage

The fight by the Canadian Grandparents Right Association for shared parenting through legislative/judicial change has received a great deal of media coverage over the years. A key supporter of our mission to change how children of divorce and other broken relationships are treated is Roger Gallaway, the former Sarnia-Lambton MP who co-chaired the 1998 federal report For The Sake Of The Children.  His office issued a key press release in June 2001 about the Grandparents’ Quilt that generated a lot of attention. The content is reproduced, in part, below:

News Release/Communiqué  —  Roger Gallaway, M.P. Sarnia-Lambton

A Symbol of Canada’s Broken Divorce Family Law Regime

Ottawa, June 4, 2001: On Tuesday, June 5th, the Canadian Grandparents Rights Association (CGRA) will be displaying the Hearts and Hands Across Canada Grandparents’ Quilt in the northeast corner of the Centre Block Rotunda on Parliament Hill. This patchwork quilt is made up of heart and hand-shaped patches which represent grandparents who have been denied access to their grandchildren or are raising their grandchildren.

Joining Madeleine Bremner, local President of the Grandparents’ Rights chapter, will be former Parliamentarian and the Grandparents’ Rights National Director, Daphne Jennings.

Today Ms. Jennings is asking: “After many years of consultation and representation, why is the

Canadian Grandparents Rights Association National Director Daphne Jennings, left,
local chapter President Madeleine Bremner, and Senator Anne Cools show the Hands Across Canada quilt on Parliament Hill.

Justice Mister still sitting on her hands?”

While in Parliament, Ms Jennings was a very visible advocate and spokesperson for the rights of grandparents. Ms. Jennings noted the Minister once said, “Joint custody may simply perpetuate the influence and domination of men over women. Is she reluctant to act because the recommendations, which favour shared custody and responsibility, fly in the face of the Minister’s personal bias?” asked Jennings.

Joining with Bremner and Jennings at 1:15 p.m. will be Senator Anne Cools and Sarnia-Lambton M.P. Roger Gallaway.

“We are pleased that grandparents are bringing this tangible symbol of a broken divorce regime to this place. It is an opportunity for them to engage parliamentarians and the public in their crusade for fairness and equality when a divorce occurs,” stated Cools.