Viewpoint—The family

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

The family is our foundation. It is humanity’s basic fundamental structure and should suggest warmth, security, love, forgiveness, and trust. Although families may be different in makeup today than in times past, due to changes in how we define relationships and partners and our understanding of what makes a family unit, the basics haven’t changed.

The Canadian Grandparents Rights Association  (CGRA) believes and promotes the family. At heart is our belief that the youngest, our grandchildren, and the eldest, our grandparents, who are both vulnerable groups, must be cared for and have their rights respected. When families split—the best interest of the children are not always at the front of mind, and this can lead to lasting and unintended results for the children.

Mission of the CGRA

The mission of the CGRA is to promote, support, and assist grandparents and their families in maintaining or re-establishing family ties, and encouraging family stability, where the family continuity has been disrupted, especially between grandchildren and their grandparents.

Family values

Its members believe that honest and civilized virtues, such as respect for fellow family members, trust in one another, accountability for one’s actions, truth, kindness, love, and compassion should underpin our families. As long as such beliefs and values are maintained,  how we define what makes a family unit is not important.